Psychiatric Consulting And Advisory Services

Expert Psychiatric Consulting and Advisory Services

At Psych Insight, we are dedicated to enhancing mental health services within organizations through expert psychiatric consulting and advisory support. Led by Dr. Stevens and supported by our team of experienced, board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners, we bring a wealth of knowledge and innovative approaches to mental health care.

We specialize in bolstering the mental health capabilities of high-performing organizations, offering both on-site and virtual psychiatric consultations. Our approach allows organizations to excel in their primary functions while we take the lead in managing psychiatric and medical care. We offer coordinated, embedded, psychiatric services that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. We are always receptive to the specific concerns of a given organization and its treatment population, and tailor our approach accordingly.

Advanced Technology and Comprehensive Care

Our team is proficient with various electronic health record systems and employs state-of-the-art technologies, including virtual diagnostics, neuropsychiatric evaluations, and longitudinal outcomes monitoring. Through partnerships with third-party vendors, we facilitate access to advanced services like pharmacogenetic testing and on-site sleep studies, enhancing the accuracy of diagnoses and effectiveness of treatment interventions.

Track Record of Success

Our journey began in with a fruitful partnership with Family First Adolescent Services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where we revamped their mental health offerings, allowing them to focus on their specialized therapeutic and support services for male teens. Following this, we proudly collaborated with the J. Flowers Health Institute in Houston, TX, where Dr. Stevens serves as the psychiatric medical director, contributing to their holistic approach to health and wellness.

Most recently, Dr. Stevens took on the role of medical director at The Lakewood Center in Fern Park FL, aiding in their mission to provide high-quality, supportive residential care for adults with chronic mental health conditions.

Nationwide Reach, Personalized Care

Our flexibility and willingness to work across the country demonstrate our commitment to delivering precise and personalized mental health services wherever they are needed. Our team is equipped to adapt to various settings and client needs, ensuring that wherever you are, you have access to top-tier psychiatric consulting and advisory services.