Comprehensive Weight-Loss Solutions

Dr. Stevens is board-certified in Obesity Medicine. Dr. Stevens offers medical weight-loss consultations to help patients lose weight and prevent complications from obesity, such as Type 2 diabetes. He works with each patient to develop an individually tailored plan that sets realistic goals and uses a gradual yet sustainable approach. His treatment plan usually involves weight-loss medication taken in oral or injectable form, such as phentermine, semaglutide, and tirzepatide. Dr Stevens will work with you to ensure that your weight-loss plan is a comprehensive one that promotes overall health through exercise and good nutrition.

Dr. Stevens uses the In Body 570 Body Scan machine (left) to generate a body composition analysis of each patient. The machine reveals initial baseline results and helps to track your progress during follow-up visits.

In 2019, Dr. Stevens co-edited a well-regarded guidebook called Facing Overweight and Obesity. He is very excited to deploy the impressive new advances in weight-loss medicine that have emerged in the last couple of years.

Before and After

This patient lost seventy-five pounds over eight months and is still losing. She also reversed type two diabetes that developed in her forties. She is enjoying the benefits of more energy, better sleep, and healthier living.

Watch the video The Psychology Behind Medical Weight Loss with Dr. Jon Stevens, an in-depth interview with Dr. Stevens on the J Flowers Health Institute's podcast series.